Factors That Determine The Choice Of Business

Otto Eovaldi

There are numerous factors are usually responsible for the choice of business people make. These factors may be known as:

1. Viability and profitability. A viable and profitable business venture arouses the interests of operators. The moment a business venture displays profit potentials people will have the mind in investing in it.

2. Law of the land. What the law of any society defines as the scope of business helps to determine the choice of business. For example, the economic phenomenon adopted by any country invariably becomes a factor in the choice of business of her citizens. Many a times, the law of the land makes the operations of a particular business more lucrative than others. Situations like this make it possible for entrepreneurs to prefer the sitting of such business.

3. Techniques: the techniques one has, go a long way influencing the choice of business he goes into.

4. capital requirement: the amount of capital required for the establishment and function of any business is also a determinant factor for its acceptance. Lots of folks would have gone into manufacturing plastic but for its costs.

5. Availability of resource. The availability of resources, as regards labor, raw material, finance, machines and equipment dictates the choice of business. There have been cases where entrepreneurs could not go into a particular business of their interest because of lack of the resources mentioned above.

6. Natural endowment. The resource endowment in a given geographical area helps to fashion the type of business most people engage in. people living in the coastal areas are usually involved in fish farming, while people who live in desert most times engage in cattle rearing and so on.

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