How much money do you need to live in Spain?

Living in Spain is one experience that most people desire. There are imaginations of good food, amazing places to visit, romantic strolls, and the likes. All these and more make it a dream to behold and it is not far-fetched.  

While most of it might be exactly how you have pictured it from books and movies, some might not. This is why you need to be sure about basic Spanish services that will determine your expenses while living there. 

Basic services such as accommodation, feeding, and transport always make up the bulk of one’s living expenses and there are different providers for each of these services.  Therefore, how expensive and reliable are these services in Spain? User reviews from platforms like OpinionesEspana can help to sieve through these different service providers and help determine the choice of the one you would like to use. 


Feeding in Spain is generally considered quite inexpensive. A lot of local food is grown naturally here with plenty of fresh fish also available. This makes the costs of these items quite affordable to an average person. However, due to the lack of variety, the international food market can be quite pricey. For someone just moving to a new town, you might find it not easy to adapt fast to their food and might want to opt for the international food you are familiar with and this can cause quite a dip in your pocket. 


House rents in Spain are generally cheaper when compared with other countries. As expected, houses are cheaper in the suburbs than in the centre of the city, however, even the city has quite cheap houses that are well organised and worth a lot more in other countries.  However, the utility bills that come with accommodations in Spain are quite on the high side.  


The transport system in Spain can be said to be quite developed, making it easy for residents. The rail system is very accessible to everyone, making the need for a private car not important. Access to basic needs centres is therefore not hard, even in the suburbs that are not as developed as the cities. 


Every registered resident of the country is entitled to free healthcare services in this town this helps to cut down possible high costs of medical services whilst maintaining optimal care. 

One factor that should also be considered as regards expenses is your wages. As much as the cost of living is considered low when compared to other countries of its like, the average wages paid are also as low as the cost of living.  

Therefore, moving to Spain can be considered a relatively smart choice when it comes to your expenses as you get to spend less for almost the same value as you will get outside Spain. You do not require a huge amount of money if you plan to move to Spain. 

However, you should also realise that your expenses are also very dependent on your choice as an individual, so you might spend more or less than an average immigrant, depending on your personal preferences.