What Are The Types of Email Hosting Services?

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Nowadays, businesses are more focused on building a reliable brand identity and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. This is where purchasing a professional Email Hosting service from a reliable Email Host or domain and web hosting provider plays a huge role. 

Thus, Email Hosting services also come with different levels of customisation, security, and stability. Moreover, it allows Email Hosting providers to offer tailored services to their clients so they can communicate effectively with their customers and employees.

This article will teach us more about the different types of Email Hosting services.

Types Of Email Hosting Services

POP3 Email Hosting

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3, the common type of email server used by ISPs to offer email accounts and Internet Services to users. 

  • In this server, the email is downloaded from the mail server, and stored in the user’s machine, making it possible to read emails offline. 
  • POP3 Email Servers don’t give you access to email on multiple machines. So, for instance, downloading email from the phone will not be visible on the laptop. 
  • It is a good option for people who want to assess notes offline. However, it can be challenging to manage if you have many messages. 

IMAP Email Hosting

IMAP is known as Internet Message Access Protocol which allows the syncing of the software on your machine, which helps you to make your email visible on the server. 

  • This server is the best for people who want to assess their message from multiple devices. However, if your business receives many messages, it can be challenging to handle as the emails are stored on the server. 
  • One must view, delete and organise the emails before transferring them from the email server to their computer. 
  • Unlike POP3, the emails remain on the server until the user deletes them. The IMAP also has additional features like folder sharing, IDLE, sieve filtering, and subscriptions.

Cloud Email Hosting

Cloud Email Hosting is a type of Email Hosting service that uses cloud Technology to host email accounts.

  • This Email Host allows you to store multiple servers in a network which means that if one server goes down, your email can be automatically rerooted to another server. That’s how it helps to ensure every email can be noticed.
  • Cloud Email Hosting is a cost-effective option as you can scale up or down the resources according to your requirement, which means you can easily add or remove email accounts based on your business needs. Therefore, it is suitable for businesses with fluctuating email usage.
  • And one of the main advantages of cloud Email Hosting is that it allows users to access their email account from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection.


Businesses have a wide range of Email Hosting services to choose from according to their needs and budget. Consider various factors such as reliability, security, and resources when choosing an Email Hosting plan. 

For instance, if you are looking for some of the best Australian Email Hosting, go with reliable Email Hosting providers, tell them your needs and then select accordingly to leverage the maximum benefits. Good luck!

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